How rebase in a nutshell: If you bought 100 tokens, each for $1. You paid $100 and got $100 worth. After the rebase is cut in half (just as an example). You now have 50 tokens but each is worth $2. So you still have $100, but Split amongst 50 tokens instead of 100. This rebasing mechanic creates a bullish chart and a FOMO effect.
Say you had 2 tokens as $1 each and there are 100 tokens in circulation, the market cap is $100 and you own 2%. After rebase, there are 50 tokens and you own 1, but price $2. You still own $2 worth of tokens, you still own 2%. If the market cap rises to $200 you have 2x your investment.
4% Auto $FTM (BEP-20) Rewards
3% AMM
4% Marketing
Yes, there will be a minimum amount of tokens required to be eligible for auto rewards, this number will be disclosed on our telegram and updated on the website post launch.